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In short Orgonite is a combination of Polymer, Copper wire, Crystals and Metal Shavings.  Orgonite comes from the word “orgone”. This term was invented by Wilhelm Reich to designate life energy.

However, Reich wasn’t the first or the last to observe the workings of what he termed “energy of life”.  Before the rise of a mechanical world-view several hundred years ago (Newton), all traditions and religions talked about this concept of a sea of energy from which all material forms stem and materialize.

This theme can be found in hinduism (prana), buddhism and taoism (chi, Ki), all oriental traditions. But the concept can also be found in occident with the greeks (ether).

These past years, we can see a trend towards healing modalities based on life energy, such as reiki, but also a convergence in the world of leading-edge quantum physics. All of a sudden, modern science seems to point toward the “old” world view that everything is connected, and that a form of sentient, all-permeating energy exists.

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